C3 B-Grades

This past weekend at Worlds I picked up a “B-grade” Yeah3 from the C3 booth. It’s beautiful, it plays perfectly, the anodizing looks great, I have no idea why this thing was a B-grade. Anyway, as I’m inspecting the yoyo I realize it came with a 10 ball bearing. Yep. The $30 B-grade Yeah 3 came with a 10 ball bearing. Amazing much??? Did anyone else score one of these and if so, did yours come with a 10 ball? Is C3 really this amazing of a company? Just curious if anyone else scored this deal and/or if anyone else has prior experience with C3 B-grades to know if this is something they always do? Thanks!

I also picked up a b-grade Yeah3 for 30 bucks, (Pink and black, yo!) and agree that the thing is as close to perfect as I would expect from an A-Grade. I didn’t know it had a 10 ball, mainly because I don’t check things like that, but that explains the smoothness and silence of the thing.

Must be some teeny tiny noticeable only under microscope ano flaw somewhere. C3 are quite quickly becoming one of my favourite companies.