Question about the different 888 releases

(Spinworthy Glen) #1

Does anyone know why YYF decided to make the 888 with high walls after they released lower walled models?

I noticed that the 2011 model even had a slight bump out from the response area to reduce string contract. Why the step back with later releases?


The 888x began production in 2010. By this time yoyo playing style had gravitated to demanding bigger wider yoyos . The primary purchaser of an 888 was less experienced and seeking ‘the best’. The design influence was in creating the best yoyo for the person looking for the best… it was responsive, high wall and fun for a lower skilled player.

The 2011 model was less broadly released, for those ‘in the know’ and fulfilled any player demand for performance.

The x was produced for a number of years after this while another ‘players version’ has not.


Sorry to hijack, but any plans for a newer version 888 Ben?

(Spinworthy Glen) #4

I’d be interested in purchasing a new release 888 with a bump out around the response.

These days if you want to by an undersized organic yoyo you have to resort to BST or cheap knock off models.


… or get a boss

(Spinworthy Glen) #6

The boss isn’t organic enough for me. Its more like a curved V shape.

Plus I’m not a fan of the little wall.

But if you can convince me that it can perform modern tricks including horizontal adequately, then yeah, I might just give it a purchase!