Question about the Attune


So im getting an Attune in a trade, Im VERY excited because I have wanted one for a long time and more excited because its the cool splash color that I want, looks like this…

Anyways I was wondering how many of the Splash versions were made? Were they numbered? How much did they sell for when they were in stock? I heard it was like $190? I also heard it was very very rare in this color aswell.

Also wondering how it plays, I heard its very stable esp for the smaller size, and not that fast but great at sideways tricks and long spinning. I was thinking it would be pretty fast with the light weight and everything, but was told that it wasnt fast.

This will be my first YYR so Im excited so anyone that has played one or owns one if they could share some insight while Im waiting for the Attune to ship that would be awesome! =)


First let me say I’m soooo jealous lol.

I would say it’s on the faster side. The Attune isn’t as floaty as you might think, but it’s great for horizontal, much like most YYR. It’s not so much small as it is narrow (think G5). Overall it’s probably my favorite yoyo, the signature of one of my favorite players and I deeply regret trading mine.


Would be best direct towards that thread since most of the yoyorecreation fans don’t tend to frequent this section often


No they’re not numbered, not sure how many were made, not many. I had one for a while. Nice yoyo. Plays heavier than its weight would suggest, super stable and plays well like all YYR.


BenM36: Thanks! I have been wanting that specific color of Attune, I asked someone that had one and he wouldnt get rid of it so I was lucky enough to find someone else that had one and I happened to have something he wanted! Ill def take good care of it, I know how rare and awesome splash YYRs are. This will be my first YYR =).

Sparhawk Ill ask them on there, thanks!

NathanC: I know they werent numbered but maybe they said something like “only 20 made in this color” I dunno hahah. This is my first YYR so Im really excited! I heard I have been missing out not having any so decided to trade for some.

Thanks guys =).


That is a stunning splash
Edit- was it available on any other yoyos?