Question about sizes

I’m working on some materials for an educational project/yoyo awareness/intro program that I am working on.

In short, this project will involve the following:
Short performance of different yoyo styles that I am able to perform(except for 3A maybe) or something someone working with me will perform. This isn’t “master” level stuff, just basic intro level stuff. These performances will be shown to kids in preschool through 2nd grade at most. Just as an exposure to stuff that isn’t video games, TV and internet, as well as part of a program that encourages kids to get off the sofa/chair/bed and do something. In this demonstration, I will be bringing my entire collection which will consist of stuff from low end and cheap items to high end items, with wide variety in between, trying to give as full of a picture as possible but without overloading them. This is just going to be like an hour thing once a year, but done many times because I’ll have to do it to various classrooms. And yes, kids interested will be shown how to throw and allowed to try. I figure 15-20 minutes of talk and show, then the rest being “hands on”, wrap up with 5-10 minutes of video and then scoot onto the next location.

Right now, I’m working on a graphic showing yoyo sizes. I’ve gone through my collection to date, and am looking at planned purchases, and I’m making a single graphic to compare yoyo diameters just for the sake of having a graphic. It doesn’t need to be all inclusive, it just needs to be representative in order for people to get a general idea. For example, I have on it my Mighty Flea and my Aoda Little Guy, and I’ve stopped there while I get answers to my questions. I am planning to add the YYJ Big Yo and Fiesta sizes in there, and maybe look for some other off-strings for to compare with.

This is where I get to my questions, which I think pertain mainly to wing-shaped yoyos:

What is considered FULL SIZED? Not by model name, but diameter size(in mm)/
Hence, what is considered undersized and oversized. Again by diameter, not by model.

Since full sized is most likely a fixed number, if anyone has data, I’d like to get what the average undersized number would be as well as oversized. If “full size” is a range, I’d also like to know the range as well.

I’ll also be incorporating videos into this, so later on I’ll be taking recommendations on stuff to download and share on a DVD.

Thanks for your assistance.

the super nova is a full sized yoyo

Full size

Manufacturer HSPIN G&E4
Shape Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) 65.60
Width (mm) 41.51
Diameter (mm) 58.75
Gap Width (mm) 5.03

Manufacturer Duncan Metal FH
Shape Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) 66.50
Width (mm) 37.17
Diameter (mm) 58.23
Gap Width (mm) 2.73

Anti-yo fluchs
Name: Fluchs®
Limitation: 225 (sold out!)
Diameter: 55mm
Width: 38mm
Weight: 70 grams

Mid size

Manufacturer SPYY Addict
Shape Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) 65.20
Width (mm) 43.57
Diameter (mm) 53.85
Gap Width (mm) 3.24

Manufacturer YoYoJam Hitman
Shape Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) 64.90
Width (mm) 40.38
Diameter (mm) 53.98
Gap Width (mm) 3.52

Manufacturer SPYY Radian MKII
Shape Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) 67.70
Width (mm) 39.77
Diameter (mm) 53.15
Gap Width (mm) 2.76

Manufacturer YoYoFactory Hectic
Shape Wing
Weight (g) 65.00
Width (mm) 35.34
Diameter (mm) 50.09
(maybe could be undersized)

HSpin Gorylla 411 Stats:
Diameter: 52.0 mm / 2.05 inches
Width: 40.5 mm / 1.59 inches
Gap Width: 4.00 mm / 0.15 inches
Response System: HSpin Slim Sticker
Weight: 66 grams

Anything bigger than like 55 is oversized. Around that.

Great. That’s more than enough information so can go complete the graphic.

Thanks so much!

(the graphic is merely going to be labelled overlapping circles, but it’s good for demonstration purposes).

I’m going to leave this open a few more days in case other folks have stuff to add, like, perhaps I should include.

I suppose I should do something about weight, but saw some cool chart someone posted up a few days ago. I’m gonna hunt that down. That chart should address those questions.

Man, my next YYE order is gonna be big and varied.