Question about satining or any polish

Just a few questions:

Whats the use of steel wool vs sandpaper?
Is brasso enough or do i need diamond compound? ( mirror polish)

and for satining in general, what is a good (cheap) drill to buy and why?
What do I look for in a drill?


I use one of these guys:"+Drill+3.5Amp+Keyless+Chuck&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=17263233344063271088&sa=X&ei=9A9ETq7kFtLYiAL19d3XAg&ved=0CFQQ8wIwBA
I found it for 15-20 bucks a couple years ago somewhere, and it works just fine for what I use it for.

to satin (not polish, but satin for a good grinding surface) I use 80 grit, then 120, 220, 400, and finish off with 600. The 400 and 600 aren’t necessary, I just use them to add some shine.

I think steel wool is to give it more shine, but I’m not sure. I’ve never tried for a mirror polish before, so can’t really give info on that.

Steel wool I heard takes off the color faster, not sure though since I never used it and isn’t necessary, just use sand paper.
Just use any polish, it doesn’t really matter
You can use any drill you have at home, or buy a cheap one, they’ll all get the job done. Look for something with lots of battery life or with a outlet plug if you’re a perfectionist like me.

if you want to polish then steel wool is a great tool. I use it every time. A lot of you have seen pics of my polished agapes. Now if you are just satining then no steel wool isn’t necessary.

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To polish, you need to use 000 or 0000 grade steel wool.