Question about Protostar deal and Champions Collection Protostar

Okay, so does the champions collection Victor Gravitsky protostar count in the protostar deal (buy any YYF metal to get the Protostar for $20) and also, which YYF factory metals are cheapest or would be worth buying and cheap? Thanks ;D

Im pretty sure it is.

And the best For its price YYF id say is Yuuksta with a CT
SuperNova (of any sort) Super G, MVP 2 or catalyst.

Id Say Super G or SuperNova or Catalyst more though

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Actually, I was looking to see if there was anything near or cheaper to the price of the Dv888 ($44.99) but thanks anyway. ;D

Then Go Nova Gfunk or yuuksta?

I love the gfunk!

It isnt i just tried, maybe ask andre about it

The popstar is cool but only if you get a good one, they are on and off, for example my brothers was very bad but my friends was great, granted he has a CT in his.
Good luck.

It doesn’t I tried

Correct, it does not.
Gfunk is a great choice. Very under rated, one of the best undersized yoyos we have made.

Yup, it doesn’t work. I contacted Yoyoexpert (Andre) and he said that it didn’t work.