question about posting


yesterday i posted my want list and i got some offers. i have seen people cross yoyo names off of their lists and i need to do that. the problem is, idk how. someone please tell me! i am getting offers on yoyos i have already bought!


If you’re refering to the BST, click the Modify button near the top of the post, then click on this icon. It’s near the top. 2 rows above the line of smiley faces

It will look similar to this.

[ s] Put Text Here[/ s]

Without the spaces, it does this.

Put Text Here

Hope that helps you out. :wink:


thanks that helps a lot!

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Kinda like this? ;D

I hate yoyo’s !!!

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Hmmmm… lemme try this!!!

Yoyos suck. I would rather…

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I did it!!!

(over enthusiastic sarcasm)


Or how about this

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this statement is false.



i posted here ;D

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Everyone cut it out

or not.

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That’s so stupid.


Me gusta