Question about going to all metal

I have been yoyoing for a long time, but have never felt justified in spending close to $100 for an all metal yoyo. Just curious if anyone can articulate the main things I will notice in going from my DM to one of the metals. I’m thinking about the G5 because the hubstack idea intrigues me. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I think the difference you may notice will the the quality change from YoYoJam to YoYoFactory (however depending on your skill level this could be more or less unnoticeable). To be honest the G5 I had just felt too narrow in my hands compared to the DarkMagic. So far the only metal I’ve ever played with that made me think “Holy ****! This is worth the $100 and is THE best yo-yo I’ve ever thrown!!” was the '08 888. I traded four recessed FHZ’s for it. Otherwise I have yet to notice a quality change from plastic to aluminum. In the end it’s all about the skill level of the hands holding the yo-yo.

im my experience, metals are MUCH smoother than plastics and spin longer. I’m sure that this varies greatly depending on skill level and yoyo weight distribution, but yoyofactory is a quality seller, so their yoyos are awesome~!

Metals have a completely different feel to them, but honestly there is nothing that sets them apart performance wise.  People will argue that metals are better, and others will argue that they aren’t.

A few things you’ll notice right out of the gate:

  • The gap will be larger than that of your DM
  • Metal yo-yos are usually better for grinds, in my experience
  • Depending on your preferences, it will probably feel smoother than the DM while it’s spinning on the string

There are some metals that I like more than my DM, and some that I don’t.  Taking the chance it the only way you’ll find out!

Thanks for the input. I am really loving my DM and haven’t found anything I can’t do that I feel is because of the yoyo. The only thing that really interested me is the hubstack idea, which is probably more of a novelty than anything for me. Definitely not something to spend $100 on as an experiment. In the meantime I’ll see where my throwing goes.

If you want to try a metal, I’d say go for a YoYoFactory FundaMetal. They make great first metal yoyos, at affordable prices, and there’s a large variety.

Dv888-flat rims and and round hub.
Lunatic-like a Dv888, but a little thinner and a sharper shape.
Tactic-round, perfectly round. :slight_smile:
Chaotic-almost just like a Lunatic, but with an extra rim step for added rim weight.

There’s also the Hectic and the Frantic, both discontinued, but also great players if you can find them.

If you want to try Hubstacks without having to pay for a metal, then try a Plastic Grind Machine.
Long spins, smooth Hubstack play, unresponsive. Overall just a great way to try Hubstacks!

Hope this helped! ;D


Skill Level…Or not…

Doesn’t matter what yoyo you get, it’s how you use it. IMO



dude, if you want to try hubstack play, get some synergy caps by yoyojam. The come in different sizes, so make sure you get the right size. Hope this helps :wink:

i prefer yo-yos that at least have metal rims
Hope this helped ;D