Question about G2 aftershock

Is it supposed to come with only one pad? I just got it today and it’s awesome but I noticed binds were kinda slippy. I thought the pads just needed broken in. Took it apart and seen this

Nope, it should definitely have a pad in each half. I’m sure if you contact Jake or YYE (assuming you bought it here) that they’ll send you a replacement pad or 2.

That’s what I thought but the only other g2 I have is a co-lab that I got in a trade and it has half siliconed. I probably jus pm jake since we live in the same town, cheaper shipping lol. Did I mention how awesome this thing is

Yeah the Aftershock is awesome, I have 2 of em. All G2 should have pads in both sides, all of mine do, out of 2 Aftershocks, 2 Co-labs, Quake, Triton, and Albatross.

The Aftershock must have knocked the pad out. Those aftershocks can be pretty nasty sometimes