question about contests


I’ve never competed before and I am thinking about competing in the upcoming BAC. But I have a bit of a concern. I used to be a sponsored competition skateboarder, for 9 years actually, and when I first started competing competitions were brutal! I mean, every other skateboarder there (competing and not) had something brutally negative to say. Just flat out mean things. Everyone was out to get everyone, and in the meanest way possible. So I guess my concern is this: it is my first time competing ever. Should I expect to be met with the same unsupportive hostile trash talk from the crowd, judges and other yoyoers?


Not at all my good friend everyone supports everyone at yoyo contests.


Yep. I’ve been amazed at how supportive and welcoming the yoyo community and contest crowds are. =)

Edit: for the record, contest questions don’t need to go under unrelated. Definitely related to yoyoing!



If anyone gets brutally negative at a contest, they can expect a brutally negative response.
To their face



Awesome! Man, I love yoyoing! But unfortunately I just realized that there is a $50 fee to enter :frowning: and $25 for registering with the NYYL. And I don’t have the money for either :frowning:


Only for regionals and above.


Wait, so is there an entrance fee for the BAC?


There is to compete