Quality: A YoYo Video


It has taken a while to make it, but here it is, my latest video. Thanks to many yoyoers for giving me inspiration, and to my friends. Here it is!:


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okay I’m guessing that friends are in this video too right? also you are using a YYJ Dark Magic right?


Yep, I am in the blue shirt, with the Blue DM
Justin Tran is in the Black Shirt using the Green X-Convict
Jason Tran is in the Red Shirt using the White Aquarius



Very nice video! :wink:


what about the red Legacy or all plastic yo-yo that is there?

(Connor) #6

Cool. :slight_smile:


That was me :slight_smile:

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #8

Okay you are 1000 times better than me. JERK!!!. kidding. You really are awesome.

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #9

It is 10 out of 10 ;D


dude you and your friends r amazing now wats a very good yoyo u can recommend for looping?


A YoYoJam Sunset Traectory NXG
A YoYoFactory Loop 720
A Ducan Speed Beetle
A Yomega Raider


A very good video for not starting to long ago, keep up the work and the tricks will look smoother and Flowing. ;D


wat tricks were done with the dm and the xconvict