Qixia YoSoul review

Hi again, I come with another review, this time is the Qixia YoSoul:


Cool review! I may have to pick up one of these since they are so cheap

I had one a long time ago. Bought it for 5 dollars at a China webstore. I stripped the threads on the yo-yo in the first hour I got it. Would not recommend. These things are made of a really weak aluminum alloy or something.

Don’t buy this. All you would be doing is supporting these people who steal YYF’s designs that they worked hard to make.

I’ve seen false Auldey and Qixia yoyos selling on the web, you can notice the lower quality and finish in the photos, with very ugly engravings sometimes that don’t match the original ones. I own another Qixia apart from this YoSoul pair and I can say all feel like a regular 6063 Al alloy which is the most common in yoyoing.

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