Qixia yoyos really titanium?

I was just surfing the web for a new throw and I found these qixia yoyos that claim to be made from a titanium alloy, they are very cheap and if they were made from titanium, I would buy some just to spark em. I am looking at the ultimate soldier and nuclear weapon. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am very skeptical that they are aluminum due to the price tag.

I’m 100% sure they aren’t titanium

I’m 100% sure that’s 100% accurate.

No way there could be really any titanium at those prices unless it’s like a trace amount in the aluminum, which still counts as an alloy.

DO any of you guys know from experience, or just an educated assumption?

The stuff isn’t even costing $30. There’s no way it can have anything more than a trace of titanium in it. The Chinese may have some amazing deals on stuff, but they aren’t insane!

So, yes, it’s an educated assumption.

hard yo tell what your trying to say just by quoting stuff. Didnt mean to come off as rude with my last post. I knew it was too good to be true from common sense alon but I wanted to be certain. Mods can lock/ delete the post if need be.

I have no idea why he does stuff like that. Best to ignore and move on when people aren’t making a real effort to contribute.


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There not ti they are the bigger brand to yoyomamma

You can tell from the anodizing that they’re definitely not made of titanium. Anodized titanium looks more shiny and metallic than anodized aluminium.

Check out some of Jason Wong’s anodized titanium yo-yos to see the difference: