Q needs a lot of help.

Hey guys, I need some help here. I’m working on a script for a steampunk type movie, and seeing that it is set in the steampunk era, and I am poor, I need your help.

I would very much appreciate it if you guys would look in your local thrift shops, salvation armies, consignment shops, junk stores, even your own house. Ask your grandparents for this stuff. Anywhere. Anything will help.
Vests. Top Hats. Cogs. Pocket watches. Goggles. Old scrap leather. Brass buttons. Pretty much any fake gold or silver buttons. Gold buttons. This is the kind of stuff I need. Literally, look up “Steampunk” on google, and you will get an idea. Anything antiquey looking. Victorian era looking things.

I am willing to pay, and although it may not be thousands, I will try to be fair.
PM me for more details.

You guys have no idea how much you would be helping me out.
Thank you to anyone who is willing to help donate items.

I’d be glad to help you out. Which way did you come in?

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A few years back a guy from the town next to me was filming his own movie. He reached out to everyone he knew for some help to get it done. A few months later Clerks was born and sent Kevin Smith on his way to a career in film. You may or may not like Kevin or his work but it can’t be debated that he’s made a decent living at it and has always been extremely generous to his friends (I am not one of those friends I just know a few of the people he knows due to proximity :slight_smile: ).

I’m not trying to compare Q to Kevin Smith as they are different people doing different things in the same medium. I would say that everyone needs a bit of help especially when they’re getting started so give him some of your time if you can afford it.

I’ll take a look around Q but I know we don’t have anything from that era in the house. Next time I hit Red Bank I’ll check some of the thrift shops there.

Best of luck to you sir.

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well, im looking around for some stuff. ill let you know what i find.
so far i have:

1 brass button.

I’ll try to help- I don’t know that I can help that much, but I’ll look for some things that you might want.