PV44 - Enjoyed…

From the Creators of the Project Y : FSYB / FTY & Dressel Designs

The PV44 is presented as a 53x44mm & 62g 7068 AL high-wall H-shape yoyo.

We have revisited the #schwall from the original Project Y release, though featuring a much shallower ‘trough’, as opposed to a deeper ‘well’. This, again, taking advantage of the original idea of, and some of the positive feedback received of the schwall feature.

Expect to hear more, as testers are already gettin’ busy with them…


It’s pretty…pretty…good…


Pretty cool!

Did you guys design this yo-yo too?


They look the same to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Same shape.


@hobbygod is responsible, along with @fatguysnacks247. They can fill you in.

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@hobbygod’s assassin is all

PV44 i/we were working from
the Project Y design and wanted to experiment with one of the harder ‘H’ concepts we had considered and decided to ‘put a pin in’
until Project Y moved forward.

One of our major concerns while designing the PV44 were any perceived similarities to patrick’s assassin, and we worked hard to make sure that despite any surficial similarities, the differences will speak for themselves…

when you have artists/designers/engineers, etc, that work together, and work together well, you can find many influences and inspirations in an individuals work…

my inspirations range from patrick dressel, to isaac newton, to oxygene, to david hemmenway, pe, phd (my former academic advisor)… bout y’all?


Dressel Designs is my personal company where I release designs that focus on my wants and needs. As an individual, I provide and draw the CAD for individuals/companies that want a yoyo to come to life. I drew this and the project Y for Eric’s blooming yoyo business as well as other yoyos for various companies that you may have seen release this past year… like with all the companies I design for it is not really a collab between companies but a friendship… some choose to acknowledge my design work for them and some do not and that I’d their decision.

For this yoyo in particulsr Eric asked for a similar rim design to his previous release, the project Y, while turning up the schmoove groove/Schwall up to 11, providing a much different but familiar feel for fans of the project Y, while slightly tweaking the specs to compliment the shape. Assassin was born many months before this and with different design goals in mind, mainly to be the perfect every day carry yoyo that was also super affordable. That said they are both very fun playable yoyos that I reach for different reasons.


I apologize if there was anything misleading. Patrick is a peer (friend :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:) I’ve asked to help
me with my designs. He’s good at what he does, and I like working with him. That’s all.


That explains why they have such big similarities. Thanks for all the details you guys provided and good luck!


thanks man!! :heart::heart::heart:

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Looking good! I definitely want one already.


I’m looking forward to this! I really like the Project Y, and this looks even better.


Hey Cats,

I wanted to answer a few questions as they (preemptively) came in:

PV44 FAQs… or More Qs than As

  • PV44 will be a production throw

  • There may be some tweaks from the current prototype

  • Could there be a PV44+ ???

  • We are going to have a ‘Reservation’ format like we used for Project Y… HMU for questions

  • Colors Pending…

  • Engravings will be limited to keep costs down (if we do them).

  • Engravings will go in order of those who missed out on last round, then interested reservations… likely significantly less than Project Y

  • Our Current Release, Project Y is available in limited quantities… HMU directly or on IG or ‘our spot’

  • There are three (3) other throws cooking… at least… I Hope y’all are paying attention


Not really a high wall is it? Looks like the wall is about as big as the response.

Really good looking yo-yo either way!


i guess “high-schwall” maybe would be more appropriate? :thinking:

to that end, the wall and interior (recessed or otherwise), typically fashioned in schmoove grooves, a straight vertical wall, etc have their goods and bads.

a flush straight vertical wall can lead to higher friction, lower stability, etc. schmoove grooves can help with both of these, but…

the schwall design, in addition to being stable in itself, is also very ‘correctable’ in play, and forgiving… this is true of the Project Y and PV44. the apex of the schwall provides for great correction and control - imo, and regardless of your skill level.

the gap area to a wooly markmont or ywet are good examples of earlier designs.

for a more contemporary comparison, a Project Y and a Diptych. the Diptych maintains the standard schmoove groove, whereas the Project Y maintains the large schwall. I’d say that not only is the Project Y, despite it size, more stable, playable and forgiving than the Diptych in part because of that design… and significantly more accessible…

but, i digress lol… “high schwall”

@vegabomb tgis wasn’t for you btw, more of a general explanation


sign me up! sick design


thank you!!!

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when can we place a ‘Reservation’ ?


meow! i started a list for engraved and unengraved… y’all can just hmu… no color decisions yet (aside from the Secret Squirrel Black from Project Y)

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I that case, sign me up for the engraved version


got you bro