Putting metal weight rings on metal/delrin yoyos?

I was wondering how manufacturers install the metal weight rings on yoyos such as the Anglam, Jet-Set, and Berserker so that they fit in properly and don’t fall out. I was guessing that they might use some sort of epoxy in this process. Can any experienced users confirm this for me?

Well, I’m certainly not someone with a ton of experience in the area, but most manufacturers seem to just press fit the weight rings into place. When it’s a really tight fit, it will hold just as well as anything else.

Plus, certain things like epoxy would be far too difficult to use without causing vibration.

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the only throw i know that ever used epoxy, was the Helix.
the Steel Rims were pressed into place with epoxy, and it was ALMOST but not quite dead smooth.
tiny hint of vibe.
i have no clue how they did it

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That has been the common practice in the past.

Most weight rings are sonically welded into place. The weight rings will stay in very tightly, but can fall out if taken a large enough of an impact.