putting a slighlty bigger axle by mistake...

If you were to put a slighlty larger axle that is very short (like yyr short) accidently screeing it togethrer (the size.difference is ehough that i could put it together excessive force)then switch it to the correct.one, could it induce serious vibe?

I would imagine that that could cause serious damage to the threading of the yoyo, you’d be lucky if the original axle would even screw in. You’d most definitely have some vibe, as it’s generally axle stuff and threading that cause persistent vibe.

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I’m guessing it was the difference between a metric and english thread type… a 4mm thread is very close to 8-32 if I recall… so much so that you can force it.

If that’s what happened, you’ve destroyed the threads… it will need to be re-tapped if possible (depending on how much damage there is and how much thread is left).

It will most certainly cause vibe.


The original one still screws in fine
The threads are still intact, and When i did put it in together i “didn’t” force it at all.

Then you got off lucky. :wink:

Would it have caused any sort of vibe though?

If you strip your threads your yoyo becomes a mini earthquake

I guess you need to be the judge on that.