Purple and Orange Yoyo

Does anyone have a suggestion on a 1A yoyo that is purple and orange? Or one that comes in purple and orange and I’ll split it up to do half and half? I run a robotics team and our colors are a deep purple and a burnt orange, so I’d love to have one to match. Currently I’m throwing a wide angle shutter and love it. Thanks for any tips!


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https://www.gruntbull.com Just ask them what they can do.

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Half-swap is your best bet, a fair number of yoyos come in orange and purple, buy two and swap the halves… you’ll be good to go!

Also there is a purple/orange fade! check it:


Orbit is a great choice - Kraken too:



CLYW made a few models in a color called Forever Summer which was a Purple/Orange fade too. I remember the Pickaxe and Compass had them, might be able to find something on the BST.


Thanks for the heads up!!! Looks like the Kraken is in stock along with the Compass from CLYW!