Pure XO

As you read in the yoyoexpert.org interview with JonRob, the Pure XO will be the first Pure released. If you want to get one, they’ll be available at yoyojoes.com this Wednesday at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. If you’re willing to pay $284.99, that is.

Haha, I read it…the entire thing… I want a pure really bad, but I don’t have that kind of money for a yoyo. I think I will just get a Train Wreck in the meantime. If anyone has one of the second run ones for sale, kinda cheap let me know… ;D

I Don’t remember for sure, but I think JonRob said this was the most expensive run, and that the others would be less pricey. Don’t take my word for it though, it was like a month ago, so I don’t really remember.

im hoping spyy will have pures at BAC as they will be there because i am not spending $285 on a yoyo that i know nothing about =P

I’ll wait for the Pure fever to wear off and get one on the B/S/T when they are not so coveted $285 sorry, I would only spend that much on a Titanum Yo-yo.





I might be passing on this one.

Edit: Steve, I love you. As much as one man can love another man who makes yo-yos without, you know…

You’re really tryin’ to cripple my banking, though.

A lot of the high price is due to the extras that went into the special edition: custom painting by Levi (of CLYW fame), special display box, pad print, etc.

SPYY Steve said that the production model is going to be much more affordable. =)

Let’s hope so.

I love me some SPYY. I have a Spyder I wouldn’t get rid of for anything. I tend to keep a sharp watch on anything new coming out of their shop. I’ll admit, when I first heard about the Pure, I was interested. Then, as time passed, I finally saw photos (in this case, the collectible one we’re discussing here) and went “ehh” and decided the better of it. I’m sure it’s a great player, I just wish it caught my eye a little better.

Still, I was planning on buying it. I’ve noticed that even yo-yos that don’t “do it for me” at first glance often turn into everyday players once I’ve had some time with them. The Pure, I’m quite sure, will be no exception.

The price tag put me right off of that.

I really hope the final production models are more reasonable priced.

And I’m talking to Augie Fash, aren’t I?

I think Steve said something like 150 for the production run, but don’t quote me on that.

Yup, I’m Augie Fash. Pleasure to meet you amigo. 8)

That is much better on the wallet. And Way too cool Mr. Fash on the form.

Told ya so.lol ;D

you’ve read it and yet have not giving me any criticism? Let me know what you think here!!!