Pulse fire Gap pic?


Can someone post what the pulse fire’s gap looks like?(so I can see the shape and walls)
Also, it would be awesome of someone could write a review on their pulse fire because I’m torn between it and the new Duncan torque :confused:


could probly just ask the creator of the pulsefire for a gap pic


Here’s a quick shot. Keep in mind that phone cameras have a fairly wide angle, so there’s some expected perspective distortion (evidenced in the “curved” appearance of the top and bottom).

As for a review: The Pulsefire is one of my favourite yoyos. It’s nice and light, yet very stable. The blasted version has a light blast that’s suitable for finger grinds and performs somewhere in-between pyramatte (One Drop’s most common finish) and bead blast. Fingerspins are pretty good as you would imagine from the simple hub, but I’m not a Fingerspin genius or anything. It excels at horizontal even though I suck-- the creator uses a lot of horizontal in his 1A play and designed the Pulsefire with this as a requirement.

I must say that there is some vibe on both of mine, even new out of the box. I combined halves until I made a “smoother” version and an “even vibier” version (alas, it didn’t magically make two smooth versions!)… It made sense at the time to leave the “even vibier” version at work as a backup yoyo, but I pick it up daily even when I’m not throwing whatever I grabbed on the way out of the house. Despite it being the “even vibier” one, it gets a tonne of play and doesn’t bother me too much.

I’ve heard from other people that theirs are “pretty smooth” (haven’t heard a “dead smooth” yet) but I’ve also heard from others that say there is vibe on theirs. If you buy it (and I think you should!) I would buy it with the expectation that it will vibe a bit, so that you’re not disappointed if you get one that does.

I’ve gone on too much about the vibe just because I like to be honest about a yoyo’s flaws, but don’t let that weigh the review too much into the negative side of things. I own two of these yoyos, and I don’t own two of any other yoyo. That should say something about my enjoyment of it. :wink:

A competition-oriented 7075 yoyo with a great look that still manages to keep some “fun” factor? How can you lose?


Can the raw version finger spin just a well?


No idea. I only got two with light blast. If you are able to get the yoyo to be spinning just on your fingernail, it should be fine. If you have skin contact, it’ll probably die a bit quicker than a blast would, just like any other grind.