I want to buy a protostar but I dont know how long its response will last??It will last for 3 months or more??and what is the purpose of the its arrow?

My Northstar response (the same as protostar’s response) lasted about a few weeks.

The arrow is for not over tightening your yoyo :smiley:

Hope I helped :slight_smile:

thank you…then it will not last for long

Woah there.

A few weeks? Your yoyo may have some problems. My Protostar response lasted for months. I;m still playing it now and it might even stand much more than months. The response is a few months old and it has no sign of wearing out. And I play it around an hour everyday.

he may play with his a lot more than you which wears the response out quicker. my yoyos wear out after a few weeks too.

one time when i lubed my bearing i got some of the lube on my response pad by accident and the pads fell out a few days lader (the pad sucked up the lube and expanded a little

Well yeah, depends on the OP. How long do you play with it in a day OP?

GET A PROTOSTAR!!! My protostar was the best yoyo I ever had used. It was in shape for a month.

no. it is a mold marking.