Does the yellow protostar come with arrows so you dont over tighten it? O0

The red one does - so I would be very very surprised if the yellow didnt.
But I can’t see how you could overtighten this yoyo without using violence.

The red one doesn’t because i have it and there is no arrows and, I want a new one because my red keeps vibing so much i cant stand it. I have tinkered with it for hours and, I couldn’t get it to stop vibing. It didn’t vibe from the start ether. And I have contacted yyf ben too.

my red one does and what do the arrow do?

my red one also has arrows. they look cool on the protostar!

There were two batches of Protostars. The first batch was batch 3001 and they didn’t have arrows. People said that the Protostar vibed if you didn’t tighten it correctly. So YoyoFactory put arrows on the new batch, batch 3003. (Yes, there is no batch 3002) The arrows should line up with each other. The lime green Protostar was released as a new color when the new batch was released. Now, I think other YYF yoyos have the arrows now also. I bought a PGM v2 about a month or a month and a half ago and it has arrows on it. But mine don’t line up because I took the hubstacks apart to see what they look like on the inside and how they work. Anyways, yeah the new batch has the arrows and they should line up. Hope this helped. :smiley:

Edit: There is a batch 3002. My mistake. Sorry for any confusion.


I have a yellow/green or whatever color for YYE that is a few weeks old and it has arrows. I took it apart and tightened it back up. Had to twist fairly hard to get back to the arrows.

That happens with every new ProtoStar. They are really tight, so you have to twist the yoyo halves back together really tight to align the arrows, and if you keep using it, and having to unscrew it, then tighten it back up, it will get easier to align the arrows.

I was a bit surprised at how tight it was. But better tight then loose. The whole piece shows some pretty good tolerances for what most still consider just a toy that is made out of plastic.

Yeah, they come really tight. I was really surprised when I got mine too. Also yoyos aren’t a toy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just picked up a lime green one yesterday. Seemed quiet & smooth in the store. Got a significant tangle, and took it apart. Now even after really cranking it to get back to where the arrows line up, I notice more of a vibe. Also, how loud are the Center trac bearings? Not only is it now noisy when I throw it, I can actually hear a rattle when I shake the yoyo or just yank on the string. The spacers stayed stuck to the bearing & the side of the yoyo without the axle when I took it apart, so I did not mess with them.

yea i noticed that too, my bearings are stuck to the protostar spacers and its superloud as well… i dont get the vibe though…

funny thing is that i swapped out the centre track for an aigr bearing (i had to jam the spacers into this one as the aigr bearing seemed a touch tighter than the center trac) and it was super silent for about 5 mins, then it went crazy loud again. when i took it apart the bearing was all “locked up” like it had some gunk in it, after cleanign and replacing, same thing, supersilent for 5 mins, then crazy loud again with a locked up bearing (i cant stand loud yoyos). anyway, i took out the aigr and its now running loudly with a KK, not as loud as a centre trac, but still annoying enough to drive my wife nuts.

I believe all ProtoStars come with arrows now.

x52 is right, it takes a while to get the ProtoStar to easily screw together. At first mine was really hard, but the more I used it the better it got.


P.S. ProtoStars FTW!

Bearing shields are your friends.

It is normal for Protostars to vibe, what can you expect from a plastic.

Most ProtoStars do have a vibe from the factory.

I am not sure still what it is caused from. I am thinking the long axle or wieght rings. Though I don’t really care about the vibe because it is minimal. And it is masked by its phenominal preformance.


Yay! ProtoStars FTW!

ok heres how the arrow work:
they are for tuning you have to put the protostar in a certian spot and twist it together to line the arrows up if you use force to line them up you will over tighten it so practice taking it apart and putting it together and find out where to put the arrows when your screwing it together. if you use force to line them up it will vibe but if you tighten it up and they come together natually it shouldn’t vibe. i have a protostar without the arrows (batch 3001 fyi) and its really smooth

I thought that Lazythrower corrected himself and said that it was actually batch 3002.

there was a batch:
3001(no arrows)