Protostar Slippage = New Response?

Well, I got my protostar on monday… beastiest plastic EVAR!~!~!~!~! Ok… So after the K-pads were broken in, I found them to be obnoxiously slippy… probably because of the massive gap. Anyway, After the K-pads fall out, Should I buy new pads? Or just silicone it? What gives snappier binds, less snagging, etc.


I am surprised to hear your protostar is slipping after less than a week of use. Did you get some lube on it.

I would definitely go with flow-able silicone. I did this to my PGMs and it changed the yoyos dramatically in a good way.

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Well, I’m pretty sure its just the nature of the big gap, but I like K-pads… its just so slippy.
I think I’ll be going with flowable.

(RTV is better)

I understand, Lol, I have to get better at it. I am probably the worlds crappiest person ever at siliconing with RTV…

I think this is my imagination but I think black RTV tends to run out quicker than other colors…
because my Rtv is good, but it tends to run out really quickly

it’s my imagination too then ;D ;D
i like clear, they last longer IMO, and red is more slippy.

to make it less snaggy, you can recessed it. or make it flush to have more response.

I personally prefer flowable, for me it lasts longer, and gives tighter binds. Just my experience