Protostar questions


Uhhhhh… I was being a little stupid a few minutes ago and I unscrewed the axle out of the Protostar. I’m wondering if that’s normal orrrr…

Puctires ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Looks like mine when I unscrew it.


So it’s normal for the Protostar axle to unscrew?


Oh, I didn’t see that. I don’t think that’s good…

(SR) #5

It’s fine… no worries.


Oh, so that’s how it goes together.

I wouldn’t worry. Screw the axle back in and get back to having fun with it.



And I JUST got this like 2 days ago.

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Just screw the axle back in however the arrows won’t align.


It’ll be fine, the axle is supposed to come out, that’s why YYF sells spares :slight_smile:


I can’t any more… I need a new Protostar.


Sure you can. Just use a little dab of gorilla glue.


That stuff is amazing. I’m using that to repair a broken weld that holds a 20+ pound transformer onto an amplifier module in one of my active speakers!

I also designed a cage to help reinforce that as well. Safety first!

However, I would recommend the LocTite. It’s designed for this application.


I guess it’s a matter of if he ever wants to see the inside of his protostar again :wink:


Don’t sweat it too much, the axle is supposed to come off for replacement . I actually changed the axle of my northstar before selling it, so you’re good


Send it to me lol, I’ll hubstack it.


Use the blue, not red. I use the blue so I can service and do maintenance on stuff. It holds good but breaks easily.