Protostar owners - Silicone?


So I was replacing the pads in my protostar when I thought about putting silicone in there instead. Looking at recess, there’s a few air bubbles, including one that breaks the surface, creating a hole. I’m wondering if silicone is a good idea now because i’m not sure of the hole is big enough for silicone to flow down and leak into the hollow middle area where the logo is. There a holes on both halves.

Any other protostar owners ever notice this?


This is just the way protostars are built. When they assemble the cup to body, these holes lock it up. I recommend you just get some CBC pads. They are good and you don’t have to wait. Even though Silicone is cheaper, CBC have different feels to them.


If you use regular silicone instead of flowable it shouldn’t be a problem.


I’ve used Red RTV in a Protostar and that thing held it’s silicone really well. No issues with the silicone dripping through the holes but can’t speak for anything other then Red RTV.