What Kind of Promotions are there here on YYE? I know we get a sticker but do you think there are going to be other promotions like strings and suction cups?

I think each order comes with a 5 pack of string already.

i ordered my dm with a pack of slick 6 and i got a sticker. no five pack of string. don’t care to have it. got plenty of string; just saying i don’t think i got a five pack of string.

Also, I don’t think André should have to do anything more for us, as he does a lot anyway.

Yeah, he’s already giving out like half his wallet. ;D

Alright i admit, he has done a lot of things for us. Can an Admin delete this topic?

Thats André :wink:

just delete the first post. That wil delete the topic.

Its ok - its a great idea and we are always thinking about things like this.
We actually ran out of stickers and have more on order - new ones and the old ones.
And you never know what is coming up next - we will keep it exciting. :wink:

Yay! I always think about think about the new stuff in school. Lol. I wonder why I didn’t get a sticker. Oh well, i don’t need it. I can’t wait for the new things!


Darn. I was really hoping to get one for my case. :frowning: Oh, whatever :slight_smile: