project denmark

The ultimative learning strategies.
Did you get that? wow ultimate, thats can only be good, cant it? O0
Im Peter"the danish Professor yoyo" Who??? “THE DANISH PROFESSOR YOYO”. Yes thats right im a teacher involving the yoyo in my classes, why? :idiot2:
No its not crazy, its awesome. When we plays the yoyo in the class, we use our eyes and handcoordination. And? that will help your brain working together, how can I make this simplified???
You got a brain, left and right brainhalfes. The one they call the logical brain half, and the other the creative brainhalf. :-[
My programme makes sure to make smal highways from the right and to the leftbrainhalfes. sound simple now??? Not???
Okay you throw the yoyo, the brain says. Its going down, and it must come up again? isent that right? That the logical brainhalf talking to you…
But when i do not come up, what then??? Then the creative brainhalf takes over thinking how can i get the yoyo up?
then you think on how useing the logical brainhalf again. So i make the synapsis in your brain getting faster to the other brainhalf, by training them whit a yoyo, NICE.
This is very simplfied because, its hard to undestand the learningmethods of to day.
you can read about my project on
Tell others about this, perhaps one day you wil, have to play the yoyo in youre class.
and i always in need of sponsors, things go apart, sometimes dissapers??
See you on My homepage, its cool to yoyo O0
Peter Løvbjerg Laursen
The Danish Professor Yoyo