Project 2 Vs Dv888

Which one is better for technical string tricks? More floatier? Better transitions more stable? For slacks whips and suicides?

I’m only going to say dv888 because it can handle anything and Project 2’s are hard to get.

I mean, it would be better to compare two readily available yoyos.

I’m comparing cause I received an offer for one

Studio would you be willing to trade anything currently

1: No.

2: That would be for PM.

3: I don’t have postings for yoyos for trade in BST.

However, if you live in the Sacramento area, you’re welcome to swing by my place and try out anything I have. Chance are you aren’t though, but if you are, feel free to send me a PM regarding this.

I would say p2 only because I love one drop but I had a dv888 and it was great