How much do/did Projams retail for?

They still market. $10. I have one.

Gosh i want one of those little boogers…

Dang I’m selling one but I already have a buyer.

And I was wondering how much they are because Dazzling Dave’s said $15 but the Nation said $10.

there 10 i think dave would be ripping you off :stuck_out_tongue:
I guess he would be ripping someone off then. I wasn’t looking to buy one though, just seeing the price for selling.

Projams are reserved for Performers and Teachers to sell only. They are not available at any retail outlets. The ones at YYN were a special, one time only, thing. The recommended price on projams (from YoYoJam) is 10-15. The cost varies depending on what in included with the purchase. At my shows, I sell Projams for 12, it includes a Trick sheet, 5 strings, and me setting up the yo-yo and showing the parents how to cut the string to the correct length (all services that I do for free). Dave does the same thing. My Projams have special “Dr. Yo-Yo” caps but I don’t sell them online, only at my shows.

Dave is not ripping people off. He is within the recommended sales price.

True. Oh well. Don’t get me wrong though, if Dave’s had something I wanted I would still buy from him because I’ve heard he’s good.

I haven’t tried one but I have tried a Black Death and it’s awesome. Dave is a nice guy and I don’t think he’d “Rip-off” newer throwers, and I am going to his BBQ tonight…


Actually, A2Z sells TONS of them. Like 20 of each color.

Oh? You mean you got to try my signature yoyo? What did you think of it…?


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I know, but there are many new posts.

It was however relating to me due to the mention of the BD and so I merely asked a question. The post isn’t that old whatsoever.


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