Need beginner yoyos. (Projams, kickside, especially)

Need some beginner yoyos for my yoyo club, and I would like to get used ones for those who stop by wanting to try yoyoing.

Very much looking for projams, or kicksides. Anything that can be somewhat responsive but made to be unresponsive. Nothing with pads, looking for yoyojam oring or starburst or hybrid stuff specifically.

PM me if you got something you would sell.


There you go.

I need to do something like this soon.,17441.msg174193.html#msg174193 all 3 DMs they are hybrid not modded 1 non-stock bearing sell all for $100

dm is not beginner yoyo and dont necro

I don’t understand how that was necro.

When you necro it means when you bring back an old thread and say Hey, I am selling something, buy it here!  That’s what that means.  So I hope you now use the proper form of the word “necro”.

I thought it said may 29th. And I know what necro means.

Sorry, well you made a mistake and I corrected you.

Call YYJ and order some pro-jams, they are cheap…

Don’t you have to have a minimum number of yoyos in order to order?

Yeah, 50 for 10 bucks, hand out the minimum and practice modding on the rest.

Think about it, would you pay $500?

Isn’t it you get 50 FOR $10?

correct me if im wrong

$10 dollars each, minimum of 50 units.

each!, well, that sucks…