Progression and the love for throwing

So I’m at work and decided I want to get into some harder whips. Decided to practice the whipping motion for hook and brent stole. First throw wasn’t great but I grasped the concept. Went for a second throw landed but didn’t look like a hook. I then realized when I saw a green triangle. I just threw a Brent stole! I was jumping with excitement while the look on my friends face(throwing for almost 2 years that got me into throwing a month and a half ago) was pretty blank. Told me it was luck so I decided to try it again. 3rd attempt was meh. Went for another throw and landed clean! Couldn’t believe it! Went for another one and landed it! Don’t even know what to think of this right now but I’m totally amped and ready learn more. I love yoyoing!!!

Gotta love when a trick starts to click and turns out to be more than just a fluke. That’s what happened to me the other day with Ninja Vanish. First one was a perfect landing but felt like a fluke as I couldn’t do it anymore for the rest of the night.

Next day, on break at work I give it a whirl again and landed it. From there it’s only gotten better.

The past month I’ve been working on Spirit Bomb. Yesterday I was nailing the trick consistently, like out of nowhere, even caught it on video once I figured out I should record this.

Wanting to keep track of my progress I sort of nerded out here and made a spreadsheet of all of Andre’s tutorials. I highlighted the tricks in green, in which are ones I can do all the time. Yellow highlights are ones I still could use some work, and red highlights are ones I just flat out don’t know at all. I made a separate list of tricks that I learned as there’s quite a few I recently picked up on. Yea, watching yourself progress is nice. Getting stuck in a rut isn’t so fun. I’ve had those moments too, as well as actual rough days with tricks in general.

I love reading stuff like this. Great job man, nailing Brent stoles is no mean feat! You’ve earned your wings, so to speak. salutes ;D

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Same thing happened to me about a week ago! I am still excited that Brent sole is one of my tricks!

I was in a little of a rut. I was practicing the same few tricks to get down consistantly; cold fusion, skin the geribil, wrist mount, suicide, trapeze brother whip. Was gettin really bored of these and went to try some others. Failed. Felt I wasn’t ready to progress yet so I decide to just polish up my few tricks. Then the excitement of throwing started slowly getting dull and spent a whole night dissecting magic trick. Finally landed it and then spent the next day solely on that trick. Then the same for spirit bomb. Thanks to the posts I saw from angrygumball that pushed toward those two tricks, I felt more accomplished a decided to try the whip today.

Not sure if its true or not, but I feel I am progressing at a tremendous rate and its really fueling me to go further. Seems like a lot of you guys here have been pushing me harder to get better. So thanks to everyone for contributing on this forum and keep up the good work.

I know that feel bro. Lol.

Tried this trick out again today and wasn’t as successful as yesterday.