problems with duncan skyhawk


So, about 2 months ago, i bought a duncan skyhawk and it plays terrible. It sleeps less than 10 seconds and i can’t do any 4a combo with them. I enjoy using the skyva or freehand pro for 4a more than the skyhawk. And the spacer is sticky and full of glue, which i think makes the bearing slow down. I have try to clean the yoyo, change bearing but it doesn’t work. Any helps? Thanks


The spacer is full of glue? I’d say that’s the problem. Probably have to get the glue off somehow.


My friend had that same problem. Try changing the bearing.


Same here changing bearing is a good idea mine wore out quick and it was lubed when it was supposed to be but it had the same problem


Im confused as to how you both had the same problem… He said his spacer was sticky and full of glue… This isn’t a normal thing.

You’re either using way too much lube and it’s getting gunked up on your spacers or you’re using glue. There’s really no need for lube in a Skyhawk anyway, you want the bearing to spin freely, just like in a 1A yo-yo.