Duncan Skyhawk Bearing.

This post is going to be full of questions. Lubed Skyhawk 4 to 5 times like it could be even more . Lubed it this many times like in 1 or 2 months. Ya you might say why would you lube it so many times in this short period of time. But as I was new to offstring I thought this will increase the spin time but ya I was obviously wrong. And now what has happened is that the bearing barely sleeps like you can barely do 3 to 4 barrel rolls. And its like whether you will do a trick or just throw and bind. Then I decided to put that bearing in Shutter to check the bearing and it was pretty slow and the sleep time was less. And now to the questions.

  1. What should I do I to fix the bearing or should put a one time lubed Spec 8 ball bearing that came with Shutter or try to clean the bearing that came with Skyhawk that I have lubed so many times.

  2. How often should yoyo lube the bearing in an offstring yoyo or you should not lube it.

  3. And why would you put a centering bearing in an offstring yoyo as Yoyo Officer Gravity comes with one.

I don’t know man, it sounds like you just over lubed and may need to clean the bearing, the spacers, and the interior around the bearing in the Yo-Yo. I will know soon, I ordered mine recently and it will be here within the next 7 days. I was about the get the Big Yo from YYJ myself because this is my first 4A Yo-Yo as well but, I also wanted to put a Centering Style Bearing in it so I ended up just getting the Skyhawk.

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cleaning the bearing should fix it.

and having less spin time with 4a yoyos is normal if you are a beginner in 4a. The trick to get stronger throw is to throw it hard upward as if you are tossing it up high, but there is a tricky part, as the yoyo starts unrolling suddenly pull down to further increase spin, just enough so that the yoyo don’t go up too high, but pull down too much and the yoyo will just dive to the ground.
In short, throw upward hard, then suddenly pull it down to translate the upward momentum into spin.

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