Problems uploading pics

When I click reply and I go to the additional options option and choose the file I want to upload It will sit there for awhile thinking and then it will say your session timed out while posting if I keep trying it will eventualy work but it really gets annoying can it be fixed?

It’s not broken, so, you know…

Well it either says an error occured or session timed out what do i do because I cant upload pics atall any more and I really want to enter the yoyos and food contest

As you can see, I have previously uploaded 3 of them, so my estimation is that it’s on your end of the wire, not YYE’s. How large are the images you’re trying to upload? Very large images will probably have issues. Are you using a PC, tablet, ipod, ipad or ???

Maybe your best solution is one of the free image hosting sites. As I recall you were having problems with avatars as well. If you are trying to upload a full res pic from a camera or an ipad it may just be too large.

Here’s a couple more.

Im using a mac I tried shrinking it down to iphone size 2-3 inches and it still wouldnt work but the contest is over now so it really dosent matter but thanks for the help

I know my next avatar. And username XD

So how did you get this one to work?,50309.msg751686.html#msg751686

I think he figured it out but forgot this thread…

You said it yourself in that Gif.

Abandon thread!!

IDK it just worked all of a sudden

I noticed that the max file size is 1kb and the photos I was previously trying to upload I had edited them with Iphoto which made them more then 1kb

Does that make sense?

There are no restrictions on attachment size, but the size will ultimately affect how speedily it gets uploaded, which can cause the timeout errors you’ve seen.

Ok then thats probably what it was then is there any way to fix futer time out issuse then

No, not really. There are many factors that could be involved when your browser gives you a time out error. It could be that your computer , home network, or internet link is slow, or the server (like YYE) is slow. The slowness is usually due to a system load of some sort. Or it could simply be the size of the file. The browser and the server both expect a some sort of response in a certain amount of time. If it doesn’t get that signal, it errors out. It doesn’t know why it didn’t receive the response, just that it didn’t get one and gives the error. Tracking the problem would start with an in depth analysis of your PC performance, and in house network connection. If all of those show no problem you would proceed to analyze your ISP and the YYE server end.

As I noted above, I believe the problem is on your end of the wire, simply due to the fact that I (and others as far as I know) are not having a problem. Just remember, size matters.

OK thanks