Photos take a long time to load

Hey @codinghorror, I’ve noticed that it takes a much longer period of time for images to:

  • Upload, and
  • Load when scrolling

in threads here - than on other Discourse sites. It often takes up to 45-60 seconds for an image to upload in the composer/ load in the scrolling feed.

Especially in the “What are you throwing in 2019/2020” thread.

Any thoughts? Could it have to do with the size of the thread itself?


i noticed this too. can’t explain it.

Y’all sure it isn’t internet network congestion? We do have a world event going on with a lot of people quarantining at home and a lot of people doing video over the internet… way more than usual.


It’s been this way for as long as I can remember though. It’s not a recent development.

Especially the uploading.

On this site it can take sometimes over a minute to upload an image in the composer.

Same internet connection, and same type of image uploaded to a different Discourse site uploads almost immediately, maybe like two or three seconds max.

This isn’t a complaint, it is just an observation.

I don’t have this issue and just uploaded an image in the ‘what are you throwing’ thread to test things out.
Images from other people’s posts load up just fine, and I had no issues with uploading.

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Have you tried using a different web browser? Do you have the same issues when using your phone?

Yes, and yes.

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What about if you try in this topic? Is it megatopic-specific? (3000+ replies etc)?

There’s a lot of variables here. How many variables can we remove? :thinking:

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I have a somewhat related question, kinda. At least in the category of something not working right on the site. But not worth starting another thread just to address this. I figure anybody sharp enough to answer the OPs’ question; would also be knowledgable to solve my question.

If I do a short video on my phone. And then try to upload it on YYE; it always says, ‘Video not in correct format’. :thinking:

Any thoughts? It give about 3 or 4 acceptable formats. But my iPhone sure isn’t one of them…



This took about 4 seconds. Not too bad.


@yoyodoc upload a brief video, showing the video issue… more on that later…

@smileypants707, this happens to me, occasionally. sometimes if i’m uploading pics to a new thread, or an existing. it’s nothing consistent that i’ve noticed, and i go b/w devices, and wifi/cell connections… i know that probs doesn’t help, but wanted to mention it.


The iphone saves videos as .mov (quicktime) files.
I think you’ll need to upload them to youtube first then you can just enter the link to the youtube video in a reply and it’ll automatically embed the video.

Not sure what else you can do :frowning:

That is exactly what I do. Do the YouTube thing…

…Just didn’t realize why the IPhone vids didn’t work until you told me… thanks

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Video is much better uploaded to youtube, vimeo, or instagram and linked… video has MASSIVE file size so it’s gonna eat up the hosting allocation if you upload videos.

For the most part it won’t work anyhow, since the general upload limit is 20 megabytes here, and that’s a teeny tiny video. :film_projector:

TL;DR for video use a service designed for video :wink:

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