Pro Z + Speed Beetle Help


I got a Duncan Pro Z today because I wanted to try out the mod spacers on all my old Duncans. I saw a picture on Duncan’s Facebook of a Speed Beetle with the mod spacers and it looked really cool. But when I went to do this for myself, I found I couldn’t remove the axle from my Speed Beetle to replace it with the longer one for the mod spacers. Once the caps are removed, you can see that there is a small bit of plastic over the top of the axle bolt. I’m not sure if this is possible to remove, or if it would screw everything up if I try to break it off. But the way it is now, I can’t remove the axle at all. I know it must be possible. Any help would be appreciated.


If you break the plastic on the axle ,not the bolt, part the axle will be very loose. Now when you try to screw the yoyo back together the axle will fall out of the half. What you will have to do is screw the yoyo without the cap and pressure to the axle.


So I guess what you’re saying is I can’t remove the axle without breaking the yoyo and probably making it worse. That’s disappointing. I was really excited by the concept of the Pro Z, but it isn’t that great in practice. I found out the hard way that you can’t use the regular mod spacers on a Freehand or FHZ because the axle isn’t long enough. I read that you can use the offstring spacer for those, but it doesn’t have a pad recess. Bummer.


It won’t necessarily break the yoyo it will just make it to where you will have to add pressure to the axle with your finger to screw it together


Maybe the axle is already the right size… just a thought, prolly wrong though.


Shooting from the hip here but…

Are the mod spacers thicker or thinner than the stock spacers in the speed beetle? If they are thicker, that’s generally not the direction you want to go for modding a looper.


Nah, it’s too short.

Shot from the hip and missed, haha. You’re thinking of the traditional kind of spacer. The “mod spacers” are what they call those two tapered pieces of plastic that you can take in and out of the Pro Z to change it from a looper to a string trick yoyo. They’re supposed to be compatible with the Speed Beetle to turn it into a string trick yoyo, but it looks like you can’t switch the axle out for the longer one to make the change without breaking something.


“Ahhh, now I see.” said the carpenter…
Should’ve looked one up. Thanks.


Update: I put the spacers on my old Freehand 2, and with a clean bearing and a silicone sticker on one side, it plays quite well. It’s very zippy and relatively stable. On a good hard throw, I can get through a longer combo as long as I don’t screw something up.


Can you get the old axel out? If so you could take the new axel, and if I understand correctly, it is right now too long, and take a dremel or a metal saw and it the axel down to size.


Nah, there weren’t any axles that were too long. In come cases, like with the FHZ, it’s too short.