Price drop, come get some great deals on great throws, clyw, one drop, yyf, more

For sale Only
Will negotiate need to sell!

Catalyst mintish, small scratches on side due to misplace in my backpack, no dings only non feelable scratches 40$

rec rev @ small scratch on side, not in catch zone. Tiny vibe due to stax.


Mint 1 of 1 artistan cascade
75$ obo

mint h5xChief

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Do you still have the glacier express BB?

How much do you want it for? Please message me

I have a Puffin, root bear blizzard,

Looking to trade you for your glacier express or arctic circle.

Try not to muddy up someone’s thread with posts.
Sorry for doing the same. PM is an effective way to trade. Was mine received?

ill give yo $75 for the chief gold one

hit me up for an offer

I’ll trade you a mint dv888 and dm2 for your arctic circle.

Hit me up …i want the chief gold I will offer


I would trade my whole collection + 50 US dollars for the Glacier Express.

Dude please responded to my pm on the moonwalker

Lol thanks for the speedy reply. Could you hold it for me tell Friday and I will pay $85.

Can you please PM me more information on the cascade you have? Thanks!

i will trade a blue crazy d for the recrev

Is this BST still kicking?