Collection up for trade or sale

Hey guys, I’m not sure what I want to do with my throws but I would like to hear some offers preferably a trade would be awesome. Currently interested in another color chief, older clyw, snow day avalanche, banshee ss, art stuff, old general yo. Some items maybe harder to take from me but hit me with anything.Thanks for taking a look!

Yyf- mint shutter, Bgrade 7075 supernova couple marks but not feel able but plays amazing

Clyw- mint manatee, mint OD x CLYW Summit,
Signed Harrison Hurricane chief couple feelable marks, WM2 feel able marks, 2 First run Sasquatch’s both not mint

GY- mint prestige

Art x Gsquared- mint life

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How much for the shutter and the life, not together just want to know for each

Sent you a message

PMed man!

Got a mint in box orca and mint in box sugar glider I’d trade for your life