okay so I’ve been asked to do a yoyo presentation for friends and family every one but my dad knows nothing about yoyoing basically so most tricks intermediate and above will impress them… and I’ve never been in a competition but have watched a lot of videos and I want this to kinda be like that so it’s more impressing and was wandering how you guys come up with combos like you see in the worlds videos and nationals videos so yea and also how do you guys chose your music and what do you use for this type of thing or just when your throwing?

thanks a bunch guys!

Well, the developing combos just takes time, their are some great tricks on if you looking for some more tricks. As for the music, I think it’s best if you just pick music you like.
Something that will get you hyped for you performance. You may also want to pick something that complimants you style (eg. faster style, you may wish to have more upbeat music).

come on every one I need help here! :slight_smile: thanks for helping me out by the way M²

really the best way to perform in front of a crowd is just throw tricks together like just do one after the other and throw in a lot of extra unnecessary spins and loop type stuff and body movement to make it look fancier, even tho it doesn’t help the trick or go with it. they don’t know that so to them its like wwwoooowwww lol just stay loose don’t panic and you’ll do fine.

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haha okay but I was also bumping it in a nonchalant like way xP so it seemed the best way to do it xP but “pushes the thanks button”… thanks it will be helpful in the future :slight_smile: