Preparing for Regionals


Hey guys, just some stuff I’ve been working on. Hope you enjoy. :slight_smile: Feedback is always appreciated


Sweet tricks man, very good. I love the techyness of all the tricks and the last one was great. Witch regionals are you preparing for? Perhaps PNWR?


Ay Caramba! Where did you come from all the sudden? Wherever you’ve been, we’re sure proud to have you here with us at YYE now! That’s some great stuff you’ve got going there. Excellent style and very smooth presentation throughout. I’ll have to leave a more technical evaluation to come from others here more articulate in their critic. As for me I’m going to put my sox back on cuz they just knocked off.

Hope to see a lot more of you around the clubhouse here!


Thanks! I am indeed talking about PNWR :slight_smile: I remember seeing you compete there last year. Congrats on making finals!

Thanks a ton man! I appreciate the feedback…(especially when it’s positive haha)


Well I hope to see you there this year as well and thanks, I didn’t think many people rememberd that, haha. I intend on making finals and taking top 5 this time. By the looks of your tricks you will make finals as well, definitly look forward to meeting you and learning that last trick, pure awesome.


Thanks again man. I don’t see anything preventing me from being there as of right now and I will be looking forward to meeting you too :smiley: Maybe I could steal some of your tricks as well.

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First off…you’re amazing! And I’m glad that I found someone else who like Imagine Dragons. Good luck in your quest of yo-yoing. Maybe we’ll meet someday…



Who are you? Where did you come from? Can you be my teacher?

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Shadows stole the words right out of my mouth…


lol 8)


I wish I could yoyo like that… Awesome!


I think you are going to do great at regionals :wink:


Thanks man, are you going to be there?


i think it would be pretty messed up to use gentry stein tricks for a contest that gentry stein will probably be at


I can’t tell if you’re being serious, or paying me a compliment. If you’re paying me a compliment, I thank you and disregard what I say next :slight_smile: It would be pretty messed up to use Gentry’s tricks at a contest that he’s going to, but since I made up these combos(yes, there are some Gentry inspired tricks, but the majority of them are Ibs inspired), I don’t think I have to worry.


That was awesome man! That part from 1:18 to 1:34 reminds me of Kota! Keep up the great work, and you should start making tutorials man! Especially, the part mentioned above, because I want to learn how to do that ;D


haha thanks man, I love being compared to people who are insanely better than me! :smiley: And I’ll definitely think about making some tutorials in the future. :slight_smile:


0:50-1:00 is all gentry, the rest is nice though


Thank you for the compliment. I can see where the confusion is, since there were two movements in there that I could see as being Gentry inspired, but only one of them actually was. The other I picked up by watching Jordan Hacherl and Andrew Daugherty. Also, Gentry uses a wrist mount, while I use a similar mount from “superman”

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If you meet Gentry,tell him that there’s a girl that really wants to meet him…
On second thought,don’t…or do what you want,I’m not your boss