Prefer vanguard or gauntlet?


Gonna probably buy one. I’m getting a top deck as well. Opinions on the 2?


I only own YYF yoyos, very tempted to try OD Vanguard and Gauntlet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I own both. I personally like the Vanguard better. The Gauntlet is fun, but honestly nothing special compared to OD’s other organic-shaped throws. You’ll absolutely love the Topdeck though.


What colors are they in? Mind sharing a pic? :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t mind at all. These are mine. My boys each have a Vanguard as their daily throw as well, in Ayame and No Rug.

(Excuse the shameless plug.:wink:)


Both are very different. It really just depends what you’re after. Personally I really like the Gauntlet and prefer it over the Vanguard.

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I do not own any of them but I tried each last weekend and the Top Deck is my favorite of the three, out of the other two I like the Gauntlet better


I have absolutely nothing against the Gauntlet. It’s an excellent throw. It’s just that when I reach for an organic-shaped yoyo, I tend to go for the Markmont Classic or the Topdeck. Nothing else that OD currently makes is quite like the Vanguard.


Wow!! They look really nice!!! Thank you for sharing.


Just received both of my Vanguard and Gauntlet. Gotta say… I love em both!


Both are great. I prefer the Gauntlet but I like comfortable organic yoyos. That being said, I have been throwing my Vangaurd quite a bit.