OD Benchmark or Gauntlet?

I think I’ve ruled out the Vanguard for the moment and now I’m kind of sitting between the Gauntlet or the Benchmark H. I have similar shapes of both throws and like them both very much. The difference is like $9, so money isn’t really a problem either way. Am I splitting hairs? Should I just pick one and order?

Tough call. i would say it boils down to if you want Side Effects or not. Both are killer yo-yos.

I mean… kinda. The option seems cool I don’t have anything with side effects. My only lean towards a Benchmark H is that I have a MagicYoyo Purple Line that seems pretty similar to the Gauntlet minus the finish which I’m not actually good enough to make use of one way or another. I’ll likely be purchasing a Shutter locally, though which may fill the same niche as the Benchmark H.

I like the idea of the One Drop stuff being made in the USA at basically the same price as a lot of Chinese made stuff. They also seem like an awesome company and I like to support stuff like that (and I will).

Went with a vanguard and got a discount somewhere else and bought an O Benchmark. The Vanguard is awesome. Benchmark still on the way.