Opinions on the One Drop Gauntlet and Vanguard


So, as a steadily progress, I’m thinking of picking up a top quality throw (or more likely, asking for my birthday in a couple of months). Looking at One Drop seeing as how they make them in the USA and I like that. The Gauntlet and the Vanguard are both shapes that I have similar cheaper Chinese yo-yos in, and I enjoy the shapes a lot.

I’m just looking for opinions from guys who have thrown them or own them. Are they awesome? Should I spring for the benchmarks instead? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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(The Yo mast3r) #2

The Gauntlet is real floaty & chill. Plenty of fun.


I love the gauntlet! it’s soooo much fun. once you start throwing you don’t want to stop. It’s not as stable or speedy as a shutter but it is very comfortable and fun. Don’t hesitate to buy you won’t be disappointed at all.


I’ve had both and enjoy vanguard better. Better spin time and more comfy in the hand for me


I own both and prefer the Gauntlet. The organic shape feels more comfortable in the hand. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either one.


Out of those 2 Id go with the gauntlet but if you’re budget is $60 Id definitely shoot for a Benchmark.


I mean, budget isn’t a huge concern. I grabbed a bunch of cheaper yo-yos to bring with me and get a feel for different shapes and whatnot. I’m starting to really be able to do some of the advanced tricks more consistently and I’ve got the intermediate stuff down pretty well (although I still miss drop in a bucket like 20% of the time).

I just figured, within the next month, I’d grab something nice. If I’m going to pay premium prices, I’d prefer to buy a USA yo-yo. I’ve got plenty of Chineese yo-yos and they’re great for what I’m using them for and I don’t care if they get dinged up. I’m leaning towards buying myself a benchmark with a splash color and then asking for the Gauntlet and Vanguard around my birthday/Christmas since everyone always seems to have a hard time buying for me and those are priced pretty decently for gifts and whatnot.