Pre Release Model 10 and Accessories $55 shipped


Hey guys I’ve got my last yoyo here for sale. This is an A Grade General Yo Model 10 I bought a couple years ago. It still plays extremely well. No vibe. Pretty darn smooth. It has a couple love marks but it plays flawlessly. It was bought straight from Ernie at General Yo before the actual release of the model 10’s. Both sides are unengraved. Awesome throw. This is my favorite yoyo I have owned but I need the money. Comes with a twisted trifecta bearing in it and all of the accessories/ bearings below.
All bearings need deep cleaning
3 10 ball center tracs
2 trifecta bearings each have one spacer stuck on them (from yeti)
Center trac with two spacers stuck on it (from yeti)
5 spec bearings
1 d size spec bearing
1 ten ball bearing
Code 1 green side effects
2 CLYW axles
1 set of snow tires response pads
YYF Lube
Permetex glue for gluing axle in place
3 counterweights
Cruical yoyo holder
Yoyo sock

$55 shipped.