Practicing up what I have for Cal States. This is the best I have.

Holy heck.

At first I was like, “I’ll never be even 10% that good.”

But then by the end I was like, “I’ll never be even 1% that good.”


Really great style. I love how it’s “bouncy” with a tonne of hops and slacks, but the audience doesn’t get lost (or at least I didn’t). Clean and precise while still being organic… really good stuff.

30 seconds into this vid, I knew it was safe to bet money. Don’t let me down dude, if you don’t place top 5 in your division I owe someone a YYJ Theory. No pressure :slight_smile: (I’m kidding, don’t worry dude)

Indeed … Wow … Great transitions!:wink:

That was Supra good! Can’t wait to see you do it live.

I sooo neeeeed a Supra… Poop! Good stuff broham!

Really nice. Reminded me a whole lot of Alexis JV. The SPYY shirt, the front throw, and your a whole style overall. Very good.

I’m glad to hear a couple of you to comment on the transitions, because that’s something that I work on a lot. I don’t make a whole lot of new tricks, but I do work hard on the ones I do know and make them flow better.

Thanks for noticing :slight_smile:

It makes me so happy to here this because he is one of my favorite players. I’ve always thrown from a front throw, and I always thought it would be a sponsorship deal breaker. When I found Alexis JV on YouTube and saw he used a front throw AND is sponsored by my favorite company, I thought less and less about how I threw and just threw.

Thank you and everyone else for the awesome comments.

:wink: your hard work definitely shows !

The supra is a beast yoyo!! If you can find one, snag it.

lol, i cant find a purple one to save my life dude, i think the tan one is just ugggsss

Wow I never really thought about this but YOU REALLY ARE JUST LIKE Alexis. You are both left handed and sick-smooth-throwing!

Wow!! Thanks! I’m pretty sure that 2 people saying I’m like Alexis JV, is the coolest thing anyone has said to me. I appreciate the compliments.

I looked high and low to find a purple one and got lucky. Got mine with a bit o damage off the BST for $30!! I was all over that like nobody’s business :smiley: