Practice session essentials.

  1. New one drop cascade voltan color…check
  2. 1 liter of diet dew…check
  3. Doritos…check
  4. Beef snack sticks…check
  5. Ft long twizzlers…check

Locked loaded and ready to make this session productive.

So what are your practice session essentials?

  1. yoyo
  2. music (either headphones or a portable speaker)
  3. tweezers (because at some point there’s going to be a knot… or twelve…)
  4. bottle of water (screaming in frustration is tiring =P)


  1. New string.
  2. Hi-Chew.
  3. Dubstep playlist.


aye mine is
Hi chew
and a selection of yos to practice with :slight_smile:

(LordCanti) #5

1.) Me
2.) Yoyo
3.) Headphones
4.) EDM playlist
5.) Energy drinks
6.) Bannana turnover(for horizontal play)



I approve very much of everything in this picture.


i see no pen + paper for hastilly-scribbled, near incomprehensible diagrams of new tricks?


My yoyo of choice, often CZM8, rally, or Proton. My Treehugger for when I need to switch it up a bit (along with extra strings and a paperclip, 'cause dang…). Headphones for my motoX. Tend to listen to my upbeat Industrial mix or some dance-oriented indy. Optional are friends/fiance to talk to while playing, some sort of beverage, and access to my laptop for tutorials or inspiration.


Good stuff guys. Love the energy drinks idea, gonna try them next instead of DMD. Anyway, I may have had one too many beef sticks last night…but either way, it was still productive.
I need to find some good music to listen to when I throw, I’m getting tired of watching the tv. I think I’ll give dubstep a whirl.


Safety pin
Good music
A fully size body cutout of jensen kimmit (for inspiration of course) :wink:

(ed) #12

Cool topic. Honestly I don’t set aside time to PRACTICE yoyo much, but I do find myself on the porch with these effects quite a bit. We have a “Yoyo Room” about 20ft away with hundreds of yo-yo’s and all my string/supplies, but ironically i find it too cluttered to be creative in there. Way prefer fresh air. I throw mainly in the morning, so I usually have black coffee and frequent ukulele breaks help me reset. Pandora (Charlie Parker station) is a go-to. Usually use 86400 for 1a or the minute for 5aMay along with a No Jive and I have a GoPro handy for whenever I do something I think is interesting.



1: sunglasses
2: finger tape
3: Monster
4: “The Box"

  1. Yoyo
  2. Free time

Number two is difficult to come by

(Steve Brown) #15



Usually just a yoyo (usually my shutter), a bottle of water and my yoyo glove.


When i really just want to sesh out, usually a yoyo, a spare string, a mechanical pencil (for knots) and I might play some music but I just can’t eat while I yoyo. The idea of dorito fingers on my cascade and white strings makes me cringe


1.Clean hands
2.benchmark V / shutter
3.plastic fork (seriously the best knot picker)


I use the little “duck clips" from the jewelry section of walmart. They are AMAZING.


A yoyo.