Practice Regimen

Hey everyone! I was hoping to get some information on how to build a successful practice regimen. I have read that many of the pros practice their freestyle routine anywhere to 2-4 hours per day, but what about for beginners?

I’ve been practicing for 4 months; I have almost mastered the tricks on this website up to " expert: level 2"; I have built a practice routine where I do a certain number of repetitions of the tricks I know, accompanied by time practicing and studying new tricks, as well as a block of time dedicated to improvisation and development of my own tricks.

It’s just that I see all these crazy kids that are absolutely insane with tech, and I can’t imagine that they have been practicing for many many years. Is there a shallow learning curve? Do I just keep learning tricks steadily? Is there something that I am missing? Please, is there any one here that is an expert that can give me some examples of their practice routines? I would really really appreciate some advice.

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I just do whatever I fell like, don’t ever do anything that you don’t want to do just to get better. If you aren’t having fun yo-yoing than you are missing the point. So, just focus on your own stuff and having a good time, and don’t think about being better than anyone else!

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I remember not being satisfied unless I’d learnt (or started learning) a new trick like every day or two when I first started, that was when I would put a yoyo on my finger as soon as I got home from school and wouldnt put it down until bed (~4-5 hours a day at a guess)
I played at that level for my first 2 years i guess.

Nowadays (10 years later) I generally just flow, try and yoyo to music instead of trying specific tricks but I’ll actively try to find a new variation on something, or learn a couple tutorials at least once a week, alongside practicing the stuff Ive learnt/invented in the few weeks previous.
sometimes I throw 15 mins a day, sometimes 2 hours.

Honestly I just kind of mess around at this point. Everything is practice if you think about it. I put any trick I’m having trouble with in my combos and I eventually nail it repeatedly

Thank you guys very much for your advice. I appreciate is sincerely.

Practice when you feel like practice; “unpractice” when you’re just bored.

All we can do is practice… Practice makes things better, and in turn, a lot easier. And like Darkcism said, make sure your have g fun throwing, and just do what makes you feel good. Good luck man!

If you think of it as practice, it’s going to get boring a lot quicker because you’ve basically turned yoyoing into work. Think of it as play time and you’ll just naturally get better as you play. =)


Shoot, you’re good for 4 months.