Powdered YYF44 the REDO...more pics added!!

Decided to strip and re-powder coat the YYF44. Had an anodized red powder before, as some may have seen, and now it has a translucent green and blue two tone powder.

Really to be perfectly honest I just wanted to see how the translucent green looked and also see how the stripper worked. The stripper took off the old powder in about five minutes flat. It’s a hardcore product not to be messed with but is EXTREMELY effective. Will save me loads of time.

Anyway here are the pics of the new 44. Will take a few tomorrrow in the sunlight to see the true beauty of the translucents.

oh man that blue looks great, i want a dv888 in that color, looks nice

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Very nice, I will be waiting for more pic, especially one under the sunlight.

sunny pics