Post your Panoramas!

The Sunfury came stock with silver ultralights, I put in the purple ultralights to go with the splash.

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Saturday Market Panorama with
Purple Lego Side Effects.
Lucked out on this SM it is so good

Red /Purple Diorama half Swap with
Gray Ultra Lights

I feel they are different in similar ways as the Sudo and Parlay are different.
To me the
Sudo / Panorama play similarly ( chill )
Parlay / Diorama play similarly ( fast )


Do you also have any nqp-ish marks on it?

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New, no marks, not NQP. Very happy with them.
Sorry thought that was ref my pics

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It was sold as an A grade on Latiendadel. There are no NQP marks that I can see.

It was sold as an A grade

Looks like I’m doomed :japanese_goblin: :sweat_smile:


This was sold as an A grade from Latiendadel?

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Yes :sweat_smile:


Nice! Pretty sure this is the only other pink one I’ve seen in the entire thread besides mine and @ExYoyoAddict’s. Where’s all the other pink bois?


That SM really is gorgeous. Dang.

I am really enjoying the play of my red diorama, and its a really nice red. It’s almost a wine color, but I am not in love with it. And I don’t have any strings that look good with it. Should have gotten purple.