Full Collection Shots.

Thought I would take a photo of my full collection, as I got many people emailing me asking for me to do so.
So for those who are just going crazy waiting to see the full collection as of now, here it is.
Keep in mind my collection is constantly changing.


And the 1A, 3A, 5A, stuff:

Feel free to guess the yoyos!


Bro thats an awesome plus i like the painted FHZ (white with blue splash)

What is the purple yoyo in the dead center and the one beside it ( I think their the same )

Not as big as I though it would be…

How do you like born2yoyo’s maverick?

I’ll take a guess. Have a feeling I won’t do too good though.

                                          BvM or Bassalope?
                                         Maverick, X-ConVict
                                        Mk3, Meteor?, Meteor
                                   Project, Atmosphere, ?, Meteor?   Mini FH
                                    Cosmo, FH0, FH0, M1?, Legacy  

That’s the 1A, 3A, and 5A stuff. Too lazy to make a format for all.

The purple yo-yo is a Trainwreck.

the left corner is a cosmo and i see a spyy